• Singers & Singer-Dancers: 18+ Non-Union

    Singers with strong pop/contemporary musical theater vocals. Soprano/Mezzo belters with a strong mix/head voice. Tenors/baritenors who move well or dance. Harmonizing skills a plus.

  • Dancer Only: 18+ Non-Union

    Classically trained dancers who are fluent in ballet technique, contemporary, musical theatre, and commercial dance styles.

  • Costume Character: 18+ Non-Union

    Full-body costume dancers with strong technical ability in contemporary, musical theatre, and/or commercial dance styles. Must be able to command a stage and tell a story. Mascot costume performers with strong movement, good physical stamina, and spatial awareness.

  • Circus Acts: 18+ Non-Union

    Solo, duo, and group acts that are approximately 3 to 4 minutes in length. Open to all disciplines. Secondary skills a plus. Performers will be required to supply their own apparatus and related materials. Performers should possess an extensive repertoire, demonstrate a high level of execution, and have a strong stage presence.